TC Encore Pistol

The Revolution™ Encore Pistol Grip fits all Thompson Center Encore, and Pro Hunter frames. These grips are made to original Thompson Center factory dimensions, and include a new stock takedown bolt and washers.


Thompson Center Encore / Pro Hunter

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SKU: ENC74811 Categories: , Product ID: 58977




Color Options:

01 - Fire & Ice

03 - Buckskin Brown







Laminate or American Black Walnut

Two-part post-catalyzed conversion varnish


Satin finish – 20 degree semi-gloss

Takedown bolt & washers


Gloss finish – 90 degree gloss

Base Part #’s:

ENC74300 – Thompson Center Encore Pistol Grip

ENC74400 – Thompson Center Encore Pistol Forend

ENC74800 – Thompson Center Encore Pistol Grip w / Forend

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