Mini Mosin Scope Mount Kit


Scope mount is designed for use ONLY on our Mini Mosin-Nagant 9130 or Carbine M38 Rifles

Your choice of optics would require weaver or picattinny style rings to mount to this scope rail!

We do have two choices available: Micro Dot Sight KSA055 or the Combat Scope w/Sunshade KSA00423

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(Mini Mosin Scope Mount Kit: KSA00419)

  1. Remove the two 6 x 48 plug screws on the front of the receiver.
  2. Remove the rear sight leaf from the rear sight block by removing the 6 x 48 x 250 flat head screw, (save for installation below).
  3. Place the scope mount in position, then using the 6 x 48 flat head screw previously removed in step #2, insert and start into the front hole of mount, (do not fully tighten).
  4. Use the 2 – 6 x 48 screws provided and place them into the rear holes in the scope mount into the front of the receiver then tighten down to 8-10 lb/in.
  5. Tighten up the 6 x 48 x 250 flat head screw through rear sight block at the front of the scope mount to 8-10 lb/in.

     Helpful Hint: Make sure you have the proper bit/tool selected to tighten screws, (do not over-tighten). Mount your selected optic and have fun!


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