Compact 4 x 24 High Gloss 3/4″ Tube Scope


Beautiful Low Profile High Gloss Black Optic

Compact Design

4 x 24 3/4″ Tube

WP-1 Duplex Dot Reticle

Works perfect on any rifle…to mount on the Crickett or Chipmunk youth rifle you will need our Crickett Scope Mount Kit KSA031

The design and look will remind you of the iconic Redfield Scope!

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This is a high gloss black 3/4″ tube compact scope that comes standard on the Chipmunk 00008BSC

3/4″ Tube in High Gloss Black

4 x 24 with WP-1 Duplex Dot Reticle

3/8 Dovetail Rings Included

Requires the KSA031 Crickett Scope Mount Kit to install on any Crickett or Chipmunk youth rifle!


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