How can I purchase one of Keystone Sporting Arms brands of firearms?

We do not offer any direct to the consumer sales or transfers of firearms from our website or otherwise. This is to protect the brick and mortar dealer businesses that number about 60,000 across the country.

Our dealer locator is also available as a source to find a dealer near you but please note that some of this dealer information may be outdated. You can use any search engine on the internet to locate firearm dealers in your area to purchase our brands from.

When you visit your local dealer that has a current federal firearms license you can ask them to order the model that you are looking for from one of our Wholesale Partners. That list can be found on top of our firearms page at on the website.

Your dealer can also order factory direct from us here at Keystone Sporting Arms by calling 800-742-0455 and providing the requested firearm SKU or description, their FFL along with a form of payment that will be processed when the order ships to them on your behalf.

Please keep in mind that there may be quite a lead time for delivery of dealer direct orders because of our current backlog of orders at this time of year.


Unfortunately some platforms do not work properly in the processing of your payment. iPhones and iPads seem to have ordering and payment processing issues as do some other handheld devices.


1. You can call us at 800-742-0455 during business hours of 8AM-4:30PM to place your order with the retail sales department at extension #108.

2. Try using your desktop to place your order and process your payment. Please note: If you have a different shipping address from your payment billing address the system sometimes will not process.

We hope to update some of these systems in the future to make it easier to shop with us.